Feeding the Fasting &

Soup Kitchen

what is it about?

A kitchen with structured designated masjid ground to provide meals for the same people we feed in Ramadhaan. These are people who mostly work, but can’t provide for themselves,or/and their families.

It’s going to be a continuous event that is every Mondays and Thursdays(to encourage people to fast, and gives the people who fund it extra rewards for Feeding The Fasting!). Once it’s on it feet fully, we can have a functioning everyday soup kitchen innshallah!

To Feed 1 Muslim for 1 day=500
To Feed 1 Muslim for 30 days=15,000

Feeding The Fasting doesn’t help just the ones we feed, it also helps the women who work passionately and ...
25.00% funded
ENDEDGoal: 100.000



Those who spend in charity will be richly rewarded


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