• raised ₦25,000
  • Goal ₦100,000
  • Day left ENDED

Campaign description

Feeding The Fasting doesn’t help just the ones we feed, it also helps the women who work passionately and hard there too! It also provides much needed employment,and psychological stability even if for just one month!

>She is a revert, pregnant and has been out of work and no means of sustenance dot long especially as her husband had been ill. They barely have extended family support too . She has only her husband (a revert too),her mum who also just reverted and her two kids! Her husband assist with sharing of food while she does more than she is asked to do. Everyday when I tell her we might not have enough to be able to go on, she says”haa Allah ma se,Allah ni lati se, aamim” her presence here is immeasurable Maashallah!

>She is an orphan, she assist with everything from market works, to dishing, to interviewing candidates for the feeds…

>She has been a single mum for over 15years, last year she was able to help pay for her son’s schooling.

If FTF stops, their hopes end too… More women wants to join however, FTF can’t even afford to pay for all the 7/8 women who works here, so SMD takes some of the cost off!

Jazaakumllahu khairan, we have had some donations for tomorrow, however not enough to cook!
Help tell someone who can help please.

1 person for a day=500
30 people for 1 day= 15k
500 people for 1 Day = 250k

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