Feeding The Fasting Muslim With SMD Project Is Live

8 years ago,the Feeding The Fasting project was birth in the heart of Ile-Epo Oke Odo axis of Lagos/Abeokuta Express Way,Lagos State.

The first feeding provided 1000 plates to the less privileged, and since then it has been able to provide over 15000 plates of highly nutritious meals to those who are in dire need of it.

The meals are changed per feeding day to cook meals like; jollof rice,beans & bread, white rice with sauce,Moi moi with koko,rice & beans all accompanied by various proteins like fish,beef or chicken.

All these are cooked 100% naturally! We do these such that the miskin have a feel of the special time ramadhaan is in terms of feeding.

These meals cater for not just filling the stomach, but has health and nutrition as major determinants too.

Another Ramadhan is almost here,and again we seek your generosity to help us cater for the month via your donations..

Due to current economic hardship, the line between the poor and middle class has been blurred,and we have more people in dire need!

We ask those whom Allah has blessed to be able to feed for the day, to remember those who cannot feed a meal!

We are looking to feed cooked meals for at least 10,000 needy . 

And we hope to be able to provide raw food stuff to at least 50 families(majorly orphans, widows and single mothers).

If you wish to collaborate with us,or volunteer with us, please send a mail to 

yoursistershariifah@gmail.com or simply WhatsApp chat Shariifah Yunus on 08023637802.

If you want to donate Now, please send your donations to FTF “Feeding The Fasting SMD Vent Gtbank 0320489225”

For further information contact, Shariifah 08023637802

We will also be looking at employing a female project manager for the duration of the month of Ramadhaan(this lady must be strongly recommended as an upright muslimah and someone passionate about helping the less privileged!).

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