Feeding The Fasting Ramadhaan 1441

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And we have started with the food stuff shopping!

Is FTF on your mind as you prepare for sahuur and iftaar today?

We are gratful for every single donations so far!From the 600 to the 100,000 single donations. May Allah not deny you any of the rewards.

As you can see in the vidoe,the SMD place is scattered with food stuff Alhamdulillah. You have made this possible maashallah.

We have a budget of 600 per person per day,which we collate at 4200 per week. The numbers of people in a family will determine the quantity of food stuff we are giving.

To Feed One Person For

1 day 600.
1 person for 1 week 4200.
For 30days, 18,000.
We intend to be give food provisions for 350-500 people per day.

Help us feed at least 10,000 people this Ramadhaan. Muslims and none muslims,help us be our neighbours keeper.

Donate To
Feeding The Fasting SMD Vent Gtbank 0320489225

For Further Information Contact
Shariifah 08023637802.
Bolanle Atanda 070833113107