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Assalamu alaikum,

Its less than 6 months to Ramadhaanand Feeding The Fasting With SMD(FTF) & FTF Special Unit Squad. We are calling for your partnership towards feeding the poor,healthy and delicious meals this coming Ramadhaan.

In the 6 years we started the feed at specific locations around the Alimosho local government of Lagos state, Allah has made it possible for us with your help to provide over 40,000 meals in the months of Ramadhaan alone!

The FTF special Unit Squad has been able to provide relief food packs, cooked meals and soups for about a 100 families.

Our feeding is unique in the sense that the people we host are our special guests! Though needy,we feed them different kinds of meals. From jollof to white rice, rice and beans, beans and bread, moi moi, milk and koko alternatively…

We are putting together the advice we got over the years into action this Ramadhaan! Hence the reason we are starting our planning early for this Ramadhaan!

Here are our needs;

1. Donations in terms money to buy food stuff, Dates, water, pay for utilities (transportation, fuelling, gas, cooks) etc.

2. Volunteers; cook assistants, dishers to dish the meals and pack at the masaajid, men who can serve the packed meals in the masjid, videographers and photographers.

3. Raw food donations, groceries, cooked soups for the special unit squad.

4. Companies that can sponsor the feed.

5. Direct link to buy nigerian rice in bulk(specifically the brand big bull!).

6.Online influencers, Buisnesses to donate, individuals to share announcement etc

7. Any other way you think partnering with us will bring relief to those who are not only fasting but specifically the poor too.

To feed 1 person for iftaar is 600,
To feed 1 person for 30 days/30 people for 1 day = 18000
400 people for 1 day 240,000.
The whole of the month 7,200,000.

Feeding The Fasting SMD Gtbank 0320489225

To volunteer, please send a mail to feedingthefasting@smdelight.com
Or contact Shariifah on 08023637802.

FTF, Bringing Solace, A Meal At A Time