FTF, Being Our Neighbour’s Keeper Ramadhaan 1441

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Due to the risk of exposing ourself and the people we intend to feed to covid 19,we have put on hold for now giving cooked meals, but giving out essential food stuff & groceries instead(except for fidyaa donations, we will cook and take to homes of needy familes)!

FTF has provided over 40,000 meals in the last 7 years for mainly muslims during Ramadhaan. This Ramadhaan, we need you to help us be our neighbour’s keeper. We need your help to implement the hadith of caring for neighbours, irrespective of their faith!

As at today, we have identified 57 families (still so much more) who are in the lowest financial positions. Some widows, orphans, single parents, homeless living in decapitated building and even church extensions (and they are muslims!).

We want your help feeding them. We hope to give them healthy essential staples, that will last at least last 2weeks innshallah. We will be sharing this journey with you.

For Fidyaa;

600 feeds 1 person for 1 day
18000 for 30 days/30 people(Please indicate fidyah while making donations for this)
We will be using the same money projections for the raw food stuff.

To Donate

Feeding The Fasting SMD Vent Gtbank 0320489225 or Click Here

Contact Shariifah Yunus 08023637802
Bolanle Atanda 07083313107