Funds For FTF Ramdhaaan 1438 is COMPLETE!

By December 22, 2017 No Comments

We started Ramdhaaan with hope and expectations. We wanted to feed @ least 500 poor muslims per day(we didn’t but we were close…) , it seemed like a dream but it was a dream worth sleeping for!

In the past 3 years, we have fed over 10,000…This Ramadhaan over 13,000 meals was contributed in terms of funds as at today 27th of Ramadhaan!!! That is a combination of all the 3 years in our 4th year Subhannallah!

Alhamdullah robbil aalameen, this is beyond awesome!
Yes we had days that seemed impossible, yes we got a bit discouraged but you were simply amazingly awesome!

I am overwhelmed with gratitude to Allah first who made all these possible and to you all who took brotherhood of islam to heart and to actions!
I am unknown to many, yet you have trusted that I and my crew will feed these people. Some of you (brothers and sisters included) have joined us at the venue helping us… All I can say is Jazaakum llahu khairan katheeran…
May Allah bless you and reward you in all you have done. May it count heavily on your scale of good deeds and may this be rewarded with jannatul firdawz(my crew and I too! ).

Please we have one or two more days left, make dua for me and my family and my crew. Make earnest dua for us, that’s all I ask from you now please.
(Ok, let me do small ojukokoro)Join us again as we start a structured soup kitchen for the hundreds of people we have fed during Ramadhaan(we will be starting with 200 meals twice a week first). Their needs hasn’t ended, they aren’t lazy, but they just haven’t been favoured yet with enough to feed on.

Be part of the FTF Soup Kitchen which starts the week after eid innshallah. Send me private chats and let’s gather our helper crew once again.

This broadcast is to say, please *NO MORE CONTRIBUTION IS NEEDED!* We already have enough for the rest of Ramadhaan innshallah. Any other monies that comes in after 10am Friday 28th Ramdhaaan will be kept for the FTF Soup Kitchen innshallah!!!

May Allah Love Us All…
With gratitude,
Your Sister, Shariifah.
Culinary Artist &Instructor @Sherry’s Mama’s Delight.