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Feeding The Fasting Ramadhaan 1440

Assalamu alaikum,
Ramadhaan is getting close, so we want to start sending mails to individuals and organisations that can help us in “Feeding The Fasting” !

If you know any one that can help,can you send us their email address or we send you our mail where you insert their name and send on our behalf?

Please email Shariifah Yunus at info@feedingthefastingsmdelight.com

Or Call/Text/WhatsApp 08023637802.

Jazaakumllahu khairan.
Do share please.
PS : Some links of FTF over the years below on FB.

FEEDING THE FASTING WITH SMAMA'S DELIGHT AND YOU! Assalamualaikum warahmatullah, as expected the crowd at the masjid we feed the majority poor has increased! There was a semi drama yesterday when people started shoving to stand at the first row for salah! Unfortunately,it was more to be able to be among those who would be served than to be among the first in the line of salah! The imam had to hold on salatul maghrib as the noise after the ikamah was too disturbing to continue. I couldn't even count the number of people which spread outside the masjid as the space inside was filled up with hungry people ready to fight for food!We have been taking 35 plates of food to another masjid close by. The masjid also hold people who are poor(though it includes those who are relatively okay) but who are embarrassed to come to the Akinrunla masjid since they don't ordinarily pray there before.So to help hide their need while fulfilling their want,we take that number of plates to that masjid. Back to Akinrunla, we are only able to feed less than half of the fasting on a good day, and barely 30% on days like yesterday! We NEED to increase the numbers of mouth we feed, we can only do that with more donations. What we have now can feed only 200(better to feed few every day, than to feed plenty and have nothing left!) for a limited time from now! Below is a link of the videos I took yesterday, may Allah enrich us and provide for us our needs.May Allah reward everyone who donates and spread the message. No amount is little as #450 feed one person for the day! To feed one person for the whole of Ramadhaan is #13500.If you know people/organizations who want to help feed the poor,do send them our contact information!You may also visit the masjid(this is not an invitation to eat,but to see ;)!)Akinrunla at Ogundare street, ile-apo,Oke-odo along Abeokuta Lagos express way.Pay into Shariifah Yunus I Olokodana Gtbank 0174834585,you may indicate FTF(not compulsory). For more information,please call 08023637802 or 09024987831. Check our Facebook page for updates and videos on FTF and other Ramadhaan Menu Recipes…

Posted by Sherry's Mama's Delight -SMD. on Friday, June 10, 2016

Mama's Delight & You: Feeding The Fasting (FTF)AssalamuAlaikum warahmatullah!The FTF(Feeding The Fasting) has 4more days left with no sponsors! We started the program with just two days sponsors,and then bit by bits the days increased. Several people contributing to feed the majorly poor fasting maashaAllah! Alhamdulillah indeed muslims have been so kind helping the poor this ramadhaan. We need to complete this particular project please. In two days,our funds will run out,please let us be able to finish what we started!To feed a fasting person for the remaining 4days is only 1400.We feed 100 people per day,which makes what we need per day 35,000. To FTF,please send your donations toYunus.I. Olokodana Gtb account no: 0140677998,and indicate Ramadhaan while paying.)Also,we have some good news to share after we have been able to raise the remaining 4days left! So please share and re broadcast so we don't delay the good news 🙂 !For more information please call :Shariifah 0802363780208172393525.Nusrah08037819880.

Posted by Shariifah Yunus on Monday, July 21, 2014

Mama's Delight & You : Feeding The Fasting!We went to the masjid to speak to our recipients, here is what they are saying. Please share,and keep donating. May Allah enrich us,aamiin.

Posted by Shariifah Yunus on Sunday, July 13, 2014

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