Its Here The Most Beloved Month!

By April 23, 2020 No Comments

Welcome Ramadhaan, we have been so anxious and hopeful.

FTF will be going full gear,as we share with you a different Ramadhaan journey coloured by covid 19 this year.

Join the FTF Ramadhaan Chronicles 1441(Being our Neigbours Keepers.),as we share food, succour, and change lives a food pack at a time. Biidhnillah with your donations we will be that special person that gives the poor a share of food security this Ramadhaan. Regardless of faith, we are sharing the mercy our faith encourages.

Please if you are donating for fidyaa do signify (we are cooking ONLY for fidyaa and taking to homes the meals are needed).
To join us, please donate to Feeding The Fasting SMD Vent Gtbank 0320489225 or Click Here

For Further Information Contact
Shariifah Yunus 08023637802.
Bolanle Atanda 07083313107