Ramdhaan Forgetful Snacking/Eating Story…?

By January 26, 2020 No Comments

I remember the morning my 12 years old daughter made 3 slices of French toast and had a cup of cocoa drink!

She was fasting and only remembered after eating! The only thing missing was her not having fruits and drinking water!
It made me laugh so much that day and i kept teasing her…

When she remembered she was fasting,she was so heartbroken and sad and didn’t know she could continue… she kept hitting her head and saying “how could I have such meal and didn’t even remember till I had finished eating”!

When i told her to continue with her fasting, that it was mercy from her Lord she was so amazed about His bounties and kept repeating how satisfied she was and of course almost wishing she took some water too 👅!

Share your Ramdhaan forgetful snacking/eating story…?

Picture : Google image.