These Are Real Stories, Real People

By May 11, 2020 No Comments

When you give out your charity, do not think of how big or small it is, think about how you have provided for the one who had been in despair.

Think about how the one who’s earnings have suffered, finally got something to eat.
Think about how you have given back honour to the man, who has not been able to give provisions to his family.

Think about the single mother,whose children waits for her to fill their empty pots.
Think about the widow,who remembers how much her husband would have gone to ensure her orphans pangs of hunger are assuaged. These are real stories, real people.

As you go about your obligations today, think about these people please.
Finally,think about your rewards with Allah when he calls the people who have given for His sake and He is pleased with,and its benefits on your soul.
So will you give no matter how small or big it is?
Will you help us feed the needy please?

We have have been able to provide for 4760 in terms of raw food stuff so far.
Times are hard subhannallah, and we are grateful for all you have given,by Allah your rewards are immeasurable. Help us meet our 12,000 goal by end of Ramadhaan. May Allah reward you&accept it from you & I.

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