What’s *Feeding The Fasting Soup Kitchen* about?


It is a kitchen with structured designated masjid ground,to provide meals for the same people we feed in Ramadhaan. These are people who mostly work, but can’t provide for themselves,or/and their families.
It’s going to be a continuous event that is every Mondays and Thursdays(to encourage people to fast, and gives the people who fund it extra rewards for Feeding The Fasting!). Once it’s on it feet fully, we can have a functioning everyday soup kitchen innshallah!
The most important thing in terms of need is food ! Once we are filled every other thing can be seen to as long as we have good health. It’s our duty to care for the poor in our community. That’s why the people of old will water their soups to provide for neighbours.
It will be a neighborhood kitchen where we care about people who live and work around.
Innshallah we hope to feed men,women, children and more specifically young children, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

How can YOU help us?

Donate your new to fairly used items so we sell at a fraction of its price to raise money to feed the poor!

◘   All clothing must be new (Ankara, lace or ready to wear cloth).
◘   Fashion accessories in very good condition eg bags.
◘   New shoes.
◘   Fairly used and new Kitchen gadgets.
◘   Fairly used to new Home appliances.
◘   Cash donations.
◘   You may also donate a percentage of your sales to FTF soup kitchen(you may add to your advert, who ever buys from you will be feeding the poor at FTF !).
◘   You may also donate something from your business we can sell off at a fraction of its price(we will advertise as flash sales!)!

All donated items would be sold at a fraction of its price which is between 50-60% off! It’s a win win situation, you buy cheap, yet feed the poor!

We will also have snacks,drinks and Tea charity stand.
Please send list of what you would like to donate on or before 18th of December.
Complete your sadaqah and drop off please(we shall send drop off points to intended donator innshallah) .

NB: _FTF with SMD has been on for 4 years every ramadhaan ! In the last 4 Ramadhaan, you have helped us feed about 20,000 poor muslims with your donations during the holy month!

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