And Its A Wrap! FTF Ramadhaan 1441.

By May 23, 2020 No Comments

In the name of Allah the most beneficent, the most merciful.⁣⁣
Alhamdulillah robbil aalameen,we did it!⁣⁣
Food stuff including zakatul fitr (yesterday &today) that provided food stuff worth of 9800 people.⁣⁣
Special thanks to those who continued to donate, share the messages, those who actually took part in our cook with me fundraise, our FTF workers and FTF volunteers.⁣⁣
What can we say other than jazaakumllahu khairan katheeran. May Allah grant all your dua and accept your ‘ibadah in this special month, and unite us in this world and hereafter!.⁣⁣
By the way, with your help we were able to give 50 familes of teachers (mostly) yesterday and today foodstuff that will ensure pot filled eid maashallah!⁣⁣
We packed for each family rice(for zakatul fitr), beans, garri, salt, onions, curry & thyme, palm/vegetable oil, sugar, milk, tea, chicken & bread(donated chicken & bread yesterday).⁣⁣
Eid Mubarak family!⁣⁣

With love &gratitude,⁣⁣
Shariifah Yunus for FTF&SMD