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You know that feeling when a bestie comes visiting for a month and then leaves to go back home? Heartbreak,sadness, gratitude that she was able to be with you, but so much heartbreak that she has to leave…

Thats how i feel at the end of every Ramadhaan. Since i started Feeding The Fasting 7 years ago, there is nothing i love doing most than providing food for the needy. I have been in that place as a child and adult, and I know how hard hunger pangs feels.

We had wonderful people who helped us growing up,giving us foodstuff that was really beneficial. One of these person i will never forget, Alhaja Aduragba! She was our “fairy god mother” who made our food dreams come true! I dreamed as a child to be like her when i grew up,and i wanted to give the same joy she gave to us.
With this feeding, subhannallah I thrive on the dua of the people we feed. The joy on their faces,their smiles, the blessings I receive…

Yes its extremely hectic, I am unable to do much of other ‘ibaadah which would leave me in so much guilt. My BFF&BF would tell me, “don’t beat yourself,we aren’t doing what you are doing! Give the other ‘ibaadah your best shots, but don’t beat up yourself (and i try to find comfort in that.)!”

This year’s FTF was different entirely. Though we did give out food stuff but it was not the main thing we did. Cooked meals and food stuff have different standings and benefits for different categories of people we fed.
For the homeless, foodstuff wont benefit them as they have no where to cook. However,for people who had families and homes the foodstuff is better for them.

I do not like to do things in small measures that wont be of some real benefit. So i went all out to give foodstuff that would really be what the people will need without having to buy much else. The surprise and absolute joy when the people get their packs is the most beautiful thing for me!

When we did cooked food too, I did the same. I made sure the meals where not just filling, but they were cooked to party quality. Rich ingredients, natural spice mix and delicious too…

Which of the two do i prefer? Like i said, both have different benefits for different sets of people but the raw food stuff was definitely more hectic(raised to power 3,maybe due to the pandemic. I could only employ 2 extra people to join me and my family with the work of buying,packing and sharing!)! The foodstuff however served more homes and families.

In all, Ramadhaan is such a blessing and I am so grateful for the trust you have in me,giving me your money and trusting me to deliver!
We were able to raise close to 6,000,000(in cash donations) and chicken donations worth of almost 2million naira, that provided for over 10,000 in raw foodstuff for the month of Ramadhaan subhannallah!

May you never get hungry out of not having,watching your children with with hunger and not being able to do anything about it! May your donations count heavily on your scale of good deeds, may your donations be rewarded and replaced as much as 700 folds and even more. May your dua this past month be accepted, may our lands be cleaned and healed from the pandemic and may He the most beneficent most merciful unite us in jannah. Jazaakumllahu khairan.

With love & gratitude
Shariifah Yunus for FTF&SMD