Can You Help Us Cross The Extra Line

By May 23, 2020 No Comments

Alhamdulillah robblil aalameen, indeed good intentions backed with actions is the best of good deeds!

I as convener of Feeding The Fasting wanted meals that would benefit the ummah, I asked and you gave subhannallah!

Do you have any idea how happy you have made people? The teachers,none teaching staff and others are so gratful.

I received the below messages yesterday.

Allah made this happen yes, but your donations was the vehicle that brought my dream to fruition.

May Allah who rewards every single act of kindness bless you more than you can ever imagine. May your blessings from Allah be bigger than your expectations just as you have helped us give beyond people’s expectations.

We have few more hours as Ramadhaan becomes 30 today, to aid more people today.

We can rush to the market and get more items. So if you can, can you help us cross the extra line by donating for the last time this Ramadhaan please?

Let your donations come in latest 12pm today. After that time, it will be used for same purpose outside of Ramadhaan innshallah.

With gratitude,
Shariifah Yunus 08023637802

To donate to FTF:
Feeding The Fasting SMD Vent Gtbank 0320489225