Come Iftaar With FTF 1441AH (2020)

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Who Is To Sign Up?

1. Anyone who loves to cook,knows how to cook,or is just willing to try a new recipe the natural way…
2. Anyone who loves helping the poor feed.
3. Adults(will be so interesting having the men cook),Children (with adult supervision)& we would particularly love you to sign up for your teenagers, lets encourage them to care about the less privilege.

How Do I Fundraiser?

You get a unique link you share with your friends and family. They donate using the link. You then pick a day to cook live and share on your SM. Invite your community to virtual iftaar,while you keep safe at home.

Click Here To Come Iftar With FTF

It will take you to the website. From there, you will easily find your way round registration. The website also tells you all about how to have an amazing fundraising event. Await our email,if you don’t hear from us in 24 hours, please email feedingthefasting@smdelight.com

Whats In For Me?

Biidhnillah reward from Allah, dua from those your fundraising helps us feed. You also get a fundraising gift kits in the video worth over $52, once you reach at least N50k target!