Ramadhan 2020

Come Iftar With FTF

The Come Iftar With FTF Fundraising Kit

In this kit, you will find:

SMD Hang On Your Kitchen Wall Recipe Cards from SMD.

Arabic alphabets & number puzzle cards from Deen Love

Deen Love Arabic Alphabets and numbers puzzle cards are sets of

matching puzzle cards specially made for muslim kids age 2+ to help them learn Arabic, the language of the Qur’an biithnillah.

From sequence game to memory game there are many options to make learning with these puzzle cards a lot of fun for kids!

Ramadhaan planner & good deeds charts from Egret Media.

Looking for ideas to make the most of your time this Ramadan and

practice good deeds and account for the goals? Or something to engage the children and instill the noble character of the Prophet (saw) in them? Or things you can do as a whole family to bond and grow emotionally and spiritually? Here’s a poster pack that does all that and more!


Mum’s Dua Book from Liamanah

The Mommy’s Dua Book was created with much love using the most beautiful 99 names of Allah and provides everything you need to pray for your children and develop a regular prayer habit for your kids daily
It’s truly a treasure!

Positive affirmation flash cards for kids from Sane Minds.

Often negative thinking leads to a closed mindset —

“I can’t do this 😥”,
“I’m not good enough”,
“I’m always making silly mistakes”, “Nobody likes me”, etc.
With this Positive Affirmation Flashcards you can help KIDS train their brains to become more positive –“I can do hard things💪”,
” I’m enough”, “I’m loved” ,🥰🥰🥰 “I’m an amazing person” 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾
A pack of the Positive Affirmation Flashcards contain 30 hard, matte laminated cards.
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The money raised, we will be helping poor families to get essentials food needs that is self sufficient and nutritious.


We have identified that we have all the people mentioned in the Quran(orphans, widows, wayfarers,poor who asks and dont asks etc.)in the ile epo oke odo,Akinola, Aboru community in Alimosho local government area of Lagos state Nigeria. Helping this community during this period will go a long way in helping us be our neighbour’s keeper irrespective of faith(except for fidya that is given to poor muslims. ).

This is also a community that is often forgotten when aids is being given out as it is close to boarder towns!

Our hope innshallah is to strive hard for this specific community changing lives,a meal at a time.
May Allah grant us beneficial rizq