How It Works

Sign up and join 30 Families organizing their own virtual fundraising Iftaar for their community on their social media handles. You may also sign up using your business social media handle. Cook a recipe from the SMD Recipe Cards provided for you. Hit the fundraising target of $140 or 50,000, and get a fundraising gift kit for FREE!

The fundraising gift kit is worth $52 (20,000)! Gift kit is us saying thank you for helping FTF feed the poor!

Kit items is from Sherry's Mama's Delight(SMD Recipe Cards), Deen Love(Puzzles), Egret Media(Good deeds Charts&More), Liamanah(Mum's Dua Book)& Sanemind(Positive Affirmation Flash Cards).

So you think you can cook? Sign up NOW!

Create Awareness

Create as much awareness as you can by advertising your live cooking to your community of followers, family and friends. Share the link so they join you live. Make your intention known by being consistent and making sure they are willing to join you cook and have fun while learning.

Set Time and Date

Set the time and date you will be cooking online with family. Please don't set a date yet if you think you might not be available.

Prepare Your Kids

Pick up fun activities like games, stories and others while the food is cooking. You wouldn't want to keep them bored with no fun things to do. Make sure the children partake in simple tasks so they are part of the cooking.

Share Your Link

Share your unique link with your community, while telling them to help you feed the poor via your campaign link.

Direct Message

You can as well tell people to send you a direct messages for easy tracking and documentation after they have donated.

Fundraising Kits

You will receive our fundraising kit once you're able to reach your campaign target of at least $140(50,000).