I Was Afraid

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When fundrasing for Feeding The Fasting¬†was going to start, I was a bit worried ‘cos i understood that we are in perilous times, and many people will be careful with their spendings. Some told me not to bank on getting much as many are unlikely to donate. Something has often worked for me though. And with renewed intentions, it seems i had this special powers to make what seem difficult become a reality. The special powers is,” Attawaakul(absolute reliance in Allah,believing that He alone can make seemingly difficult things happen.)!

I decided we were going to provide foodstuff that will be sufficient for at least 10,000 people (divided into family packs that will last a couple of weeks.).
I believed it was not only possible but it would happen!

The next thing was having good intentions! I renewed my intentions and decided i will be making packs for each family that would be not just beneficial, healthy and pratical, but would also be self sufficient! Packs that would ensure that they will need little extras to be able to cook decent meals for their families( maybemoney for kerosin/gas & almost nothing else for the one who is completely broke!).


So i packed basic food essentials that will ensure they have healthy meals twice a day for days and days on end, without worrying about how to cook the food stuff. We had packed rice, beans, gari, yam, semo, spagetti, egusi, tomatoe paste, pepper paste, onions, curry, thyme, cray fish, salt, vegetable oil, palm oil, sugar,m tea bags(and we were even able to add whole chicken and ogi two amazing women donated from their businesses to some of the packs!)…

Next thing i did(my husband did all this part!) was to go to the poor settlement, get trustworthy people in that community to identify the needy, write down names with phone numbers of families we wanted to give the relief packs, while also including their family sizes.

Then i had to put on my writing gift into action maashallah! I made the very first fund raising video of myself,attached captions and we started fund raising in earnest! Maashallah walhamdulillah we have been able to dispense foodstuff with the reach of 2,848 as at yesterday 30th of April, Allahu Akbar wa maashallah! Even in this hard times, people came through…

And the first week of Ramadhaan has ended, now we have run out of donations! But i am not too worried cos i know once again with Allah’s aid,you will come through for FTF by donating and sharing our fund raising messages. We are moving to a different settlement today,we need your help for this new group of family please.
I have even been inspired to start a mini family fund raising project that we will launch by Monday innshallah! It is, ” Come Iftaar With FTF (Lock Up, Stay Home,Stay Safe.)”! Details will be out soon innshallah.

To Donate To FTF:
Feeding The Fasting SMD Vent Gtbank 0320489225
For Further Information Contact
Shariifah 08023637802
Bolanle 07083313107

Jazaakumllahu khairan katheeran.
Love, Shariifah.