No more funds

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Indeed to Allah belongs all thanks. It is He who provides for the one who is without.

I was very worried today about the people at FTF, as we didn’t have funds to feed them! I sent out broadcast, not sure about it’s outcome. A dear sister of mine told me, “their provision lies with Allah and no matter what I do or don’t do, what will be their will be”!

It was at that point I felt calm, I left it to Him the capable, I even made the poster below on FB… I was sure Allah would do that which each mouth needs!

True we don’t sit and just expect miracles, and like a brother said to me”its a good thing to call out and ask of people, those who don’t know about FTF will know!
So in balancing tawakul and asking of people, I did my best and left the rest to Him Allah The Most Capable!

Calls came in, alerts came in… And the women who cooked and who had been sitting peeling garlic and ginger not sure what would happen had a lease! We had enough to cook for 300 today,and that was just the beginning Maashallah!!!

It didn’t stop there, more calls came in, more alerts beep too! People made calls, people rebroadcast, people shared and people prayed…

A sister in Kaduna called her co workers to help, and 3 Christians easterners actually paid to feed 4 people Subhannallah (May Allah grant them ‘idaayah!). Another sister sent broadcast,personally hounded some people to contribute and kept coming back to me to make sure they did !
And so much more people did.

One of the most beautiful are children of a sister on my contact. The kids went to their local masjid last week with kolo in hand and helped raise enough €€€€€ to make 159k Maashallah !

Guess what? Within hours you helped raise money for about 1000 people Maashallah walhamdulillah robbil aalameen!

So Fati, it’s true…the one whose their sustenance lies will feed them!
Jazaakumllahu khairan katheeran. May Allah not leave us to ourselves even for a blink of an eye…
Baarakallahu fiikum.
To donate :
1 person =500
30 people =15k
Please pay into Sherifah Yunus I Olokodana Gtbank 0140677998.