Sadly, I Have Been Getting So Many Inboxes

By April 29, 2020 No Comments

May Allah grant us all ease and provide from means least expected.

Sadly, I have been getting so many inboxes,chats,sms etc on need for help in and out of my community and even state!

Unfortunately, we have not even gotten up to 10% of the funds to cater for parts of the need of the community that we have been raising money for.

I have so many people contacting me,so the best is to stay with the intention of FTF. The aim of Feeding The Fasting is providing healthy food needs for the Ile Epo Oke Odo community and environs.

We have identified that we have all the people mentioned in the Quran(orphans, widows, wayfarers,poor who asks and dont asks etc.) that we need to assist in this community. FTF was birth for this purpose.

This is also a community that is often forgotten when aids is being given out!

So we hope to do the bit we can do for this specific community at least for now(this covid 19 period, we are catering more for the Akinola/Aboru community, muslims and Christians alike(though more of muslims, as they are fasting and we are also catering for fidyah!).

May Allah grant us beneficial rizq. I am so sorry that i cannot help those in your community at the moment, but I believe Allah will send us all aid as NOTHING is beneath His benevolence and mercy,b fiikum.

For your donations, please send to Feeding The Fasting SMD Vent Gtbank 0320489225

For further information www.feedingthefasting.com