Terms and Conditions of “Come Iftar With FTF”

Terms and Conditions for “Come Iftar With FTF”.

As a registered Feeding the Fasting (FTF) fundraiser, you must adhere to the following terms
and conditions please. Failure to conduct third party fundraising activities in accordance with these
terms and conditions may result in you being de-registered as FTF fundraiser and prevented
from conducting further third-party fundraising activities on behalf of FTF.

1. In order to conduct a Fundraising Event for FTF such as “COME IFTAAR WITH FTF”, you
must be a Registered Fundraiser and have an official notification by FTF.

2. Registrations can be made via phone 0802-3637-802 and online by Clicking Here or by email to

3. “COME IFTAAR WITH FTF” is owned and operated by Feeding the Fasting. It is a virtual
charity event where families host iftaar at home to raise funds to help feed the fasting and be
our neighbour’s keeper this Ramadhan.
So muslims together with poor non-muslims affected by the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are
given food packs and essentials. We also hope to encourage you to stay safe by staying home,while you share your iftaar digitally!

4. $140 is the minimum each family hosting “COME IFTAAR WITH FTF” event is expected to
raise. If you know you might not be able to raise this amount please, kindly don’t register so as to give
space to others as we have limited gift kits.

5. Your vidoes may include you and your little chefs,your set up,ingredients, cooking stages, and final dish.
If you won’t be using live or pre recorded vidoes, please do not use pictures that has humans captured. You may share you kitchen set up,ingredients, pictures of cooking stages,and your final dish! If you want to add human pictures,please edit by removing the faces from the pictures. Pictures with faces will be rejected.

6. All your content may be used by FTF without express permission taken, once posted on behalf of the fundraising on your social media handles.

7. Each “COME IFTAAR WITH FTF” host will receive a fun filled fundraising gift kit worth
over $52 after meeting the campaign target of $140 for his/her family. This is from us to say, thank you for helping us feed the poor.