The SMD Natural Cooking Gift Box Set!

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I am so excited to share this with you!⁣

7 years ago we started Feeding The Fasting With SMD food project during Ramadhaan. We feed the less privilege in the ile epo oke odo community along Lagos/Abeokuta express way in Lagos state.⁣

In the last 6 years,we have been able to provide over 40,000 meals Alhamdulillah. We do this through donations from kind muslims ans even non muslims!⁣

From ₦500 to ₦200,000 singular donations, people take it upon themselves to raise money in their communities.⁣

Over the years,we decided to create a known and needed product to help in part catering for FTF(Feeding The Fasting)needs.⁣

We introduce to you The SMD Natural Cooking Gift Box Set!⁣

🎁The gift box set is a beautiful hand made box that has a set of 7 spice mix flavours(NAFDAC approved).⁣

🎁A set of hang on the kitchen wall natural cooking recipe cards.⁣

🎁Ramadhan Menu table/Everyday Menu table that takes your mind off the worry of what to cook! The everyday menu table even has school lunch box ideas and list of ingredients for your pantry included!⁣

🎁We complete this set with a special note just for you…⁣

This gift box set comes in 3 colours of pink, baby blue and a light shade of green.⁣
For every box sold, you will help us feed 2 people! The Natural Cooking Gift Box Set costs ₦21,000 for the full spice mix set, and ₦16500 for the half size of 7 spice mix flavours!⁣

We also have the e copy of the Ramadhaan menu table and Everyday Menu table. Each menu table has 3 yummy dish recipes and a full list of ingredients for your pantry! The sales of each e-copy is 500, which goes entirely into feeding one person!⁣

We also have the Ramadhaan Menu Table & Every day Menu Table Hard copy available at 750 each. For every 2 Hard copies sold, we feed 1 person!!!⁣

These is an amazing deal for everyone. As you feed your body healthy with our 100% natural and MSG free spice mix, you feed your soul by saving at least one person from hunger!⁣
We need you to join us as we provide at least 20,000 plates of food this Ramadhaan! ⁣

Our intention is to have a continual feeding programme outside of Ramadhaan too. We also hope from the sales of these boxes to employ widows and single mothers to make the unique gift boxes and more.⁣

Gift a new bride, a bachelor, a grandma, a new mother, this is for everyone that eats!⁣

Companies may also use this as gifts for their clients and staff. It may also be included in gift hampers.The gift box is for everyone irrespective of faith.⁣

To partner with us, please send us an email on feedingthefasting@smdelight.com or call/whatsapp shariifah yunus on +2348023637802.