Ramadhan 2020

Come Iftar With FTF

To Register

So you think you can cook,or just love trying out new recipes? Then join us and come iftaar with FTF!
Please read the terms and conditions first. Fill all required criteria, you will then be contacted and approved .

All entries must be submitted on or before 17th of Ramadhaan.

The fundraising gift kit will be sent to you after successfully reaching the target of $140.

Handy Tips and Ideas

Join 30 amazing familes digitally as they share their iftaar while teaching us natural cooking recipes. They share the fun and joy of joint digital iftaar from their kitchens,at the same time help in raising money to feed the poor.

Invite Everyone

Use Instagram Live, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Whatapp,Twitter and every platform you have. Get your followers and community involved in what you’re doing. Don’t forget to use #comeiftaarwithftf

You may also just go straight to the donation link or go to the banner and donate even without joining the cooking show!
You may sign up for your children,especially teenagers too. This iftaar can be cooked even by children as long as there is adult supervision! The recipe cards has sumptuous dishes everyone will be willing to cook and of course eat!


Make It Fun

You can make this super fun by selling your products (pastries,soups,cakes, food etc) and calling on other businesses to donate to your campaign by sharing your family unique link. Each family gets a special fundraising link that they will put on their social media handle all through the cook show (on description and bio on social media!). They can start to share their link even before the cook day!